Inevitably; Urbanism has to accept complemented endeavors from Project Management, as rival is making it tangible achievement of Mankind.. Without Project Management, Urbanism will have no implementations or applications to verify.. Without Urbanism; Project Management will have no purpose to deliver.. Therefore, Urban Projectization is an attempt to merge both knowledge domain and enhance the... Continue Reading →

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How Markets Shape Cities

An argument that operational urban planning can be improved by the application of the tools of urban economics to the design of regulations and infrastructure. Urban planning is a craft learned through practice. Planners make rapid decisions that have an immediate impact on the ground—the width of streets, the minimum size of land parcels, the... Continue Reading →

Junín, Perú.

Of course, a non-regulated market place at a transit intersection Despite the innovative application, yet it condemns the urban mangers for their failure to draw interactive socio-economic patterns and opportunitues

Nigerian Affordable Housing

Early in November, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), together with the World Bank (WB), Family Homes Fund (FHF) and FMDQ, hosted the Nigerian Affordable Housing Roundtable that brought in players from both the demand and supply side of the industry, as well as government representatives, to debate the issues concerning Affordable Housing in Nigeria. The... Continue Reading →

Missing Middle Housing

Missing Middle is a range of multi-unit or clustered housing types compatible in scale with single-family homes that help meet the growing demand for walkable urban living. Explore The Types of Missing Middle Housing and read our insights. Carriage House Fourplex Multiplex Small Townhouse Live & Work Courtyard Apartments “Well-designed ‘Missing Middle’ buildings unify the walkable streetscape as they greatly diversify... Continue Reading →

Brutalism: What Is It and Why Is It Making a Comeback?

By Jessica Stewart on December 4, 2018 They say that trends are circular and what’s old becomes new again. This is true for fashion, music, and art. In the case of architecture, there’s no architectural style that exemplifies this principle better than Brutalism. From the mid-20th century, this style rose in popularity before reaching its peak in the mid-1970s, when... Continue Reading →

Parking Minimums

Cities! Do you know the implications of your parking minimums? If you require 2 car spaces per 100 square meters of floor space, you are mandating parking to be more than 1/3 of the floor space built. That leaves less than 2/3 for the main land use.

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