Inevitably; Urbanism has to accept complemented endeavors from Project Management, as rival is making it tangible achievement of Mankind.. Without Project Management, Urbanism will have no implementations or applications to verify.. Without Urbanism; Project Management will have no purpose to deliver.. Therefore, Urban Projectization is an attempt to merge both knowledge domain and enhance the... Continue Reading →

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Top 10 Project Management Qualifications

Jennifer started by defining the word “qualifications,” as it can be generally applied, but in this case she seeks a more specific definition. What Does Qualifications Mean? Being qualified for a position as a project manager means you have the skills, experience and temperament for the job. Therefore, qualifications in this context can have a... Continue Reading →


Wow !! The power of sheet pile (Cofferdam)- The bridge is built over sea or in water by constructing piles as foundation. The pile foundation in water is the most difficult task. The piles are constructed from Reinforcement cement concrete up to hard rock , then pile cap , piers .... !!

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