Inevitably; Urbanism has to accept complemented endeavors from Project Management, as rival is making it tangible achievement of Mankind.. Without Project Management, Urbanism will have no implementations or applications to verify.. Without Urbanism; Project Management will have no purpose to deliver.. Therefore, Urban Projectization is an attempt to merge both knowledge domain and enhance the... Continue Reading →

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أنواع شروخ اﻷسفلت

أنواع شروخ اﻷسفلت 1.Alligator Cracks: تسمى شقوق التمساح و تأخذ أشكال مثلثات و مربعات. أسباب حدوثها:أن طبقة اﻷساس base coarse حدث بها تشوهات نتيجة تشبعها بالماء فتنعكس هذه التشوهات على طبقة اﻷسفلت. علاجه: نضع طبقة سطحية جديدة مثل أسفلت مخلوط بمستحلبات أسمنتية. 2.Edge Cracks: شروخ تحدث عند اﻷطراف وتكون بأتجاه طولي من1-3م من حافة الطريق... Continue Reading →

Stop Wasting Money on Team Building

The picture reflects the essence.. Everyone is self-centered on the outcomes of collaborated activities.. Individualism is a natural concern.. Let's reverse the abstract Carlos Valdes-Dapena SEPTEMBER 11, 2018   Most corporate team building is a waste of time and money. I say this based on my 25+ years of research and practice in the field... Continue Reading →

لماذا يخالف الثناء على أداء الموظفين ثقافة العمل في اليابان؟

  في أماكن العمل اليابانية، نادراً ما يُعطى تقييم إيجابي للموظفين، بل يمكن لإشارات الإطراء والاستحسان أن تتسبب في شعور العاملين بالحرج، كما يقول الصحفي إريك بارتن. أدركت كيكو ساكوراي أنها ارتكبت خطأ ما عندما صرخ ذلك الرجل الذي يكبرها سنا في وجهها قائلا "اصمتي"، وبعدها توقف الجميع عن الحركة وحدقوا في وجهها. كان ذلك... Continue Reading →

Do you know how the city eats?

  As part of the #HungryCities Partnership,#IIHSin conducted a study of household food consumption practices in Bengaluru. Take a look at the #infographic, that offers insights into the nature of access to a healthy diet and sufficient nutrition in a large city like Bangalore where people are required to depend on market sources for their food unlike rural areas... Continue Reading →


+ SHLOMO (SOLLY) ANGEL, PATRICK LAMSON-HALL, BIBIANA GUERRA, YANG LIU, NICOLÁS GALARZA, ALEJANDRO BLEI   Abstract A recent article titled “Everything we’ve heard about global urbanization turns out to be wrong” (Thomson Reuters Foundation, 10 July 2018), citing new figures released by the European Commission, informed readers that 84% of the world’s population now lives in urban areas, not 55% as... Continue Reading →

Galactic City Model

The word galactic is derived from the word Galaxy in astronomy. Galaxy is a gravitational bound system of stars, planets and other celestial bodies in the universe. Galaxy is a word derived from “Galaktikos” which means milky circle. These celestial bodies in the galaxy usually revolve around a center gravitational pull of a galaxy. So... Continue Reading →

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