Inevitably; Urbanism has to accept complemented endeavors from Project Management, as rival is making it tangible achievement of Mankind.. Without Project Management, Urbanism will have no implementations or applications to verify.. Without Urbanism; Project Management will have no purpose to deliver.. Therefore, Urban Projectization is an attempt to merge both knowledge domain and enhance the... Continue Reading →

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Biomorphic Urbanism: A Guide for Sustainable Cities

Located along a formerly industrialized stretch of the Chicago River, the Wild Mile is a proposed 17-acre, floating eco-park that will create new opportunities for habitat restoration, education, and recreation. Image © SOM By Peter J. Kindel What will the world look like in 2050? Among many unknowns, one fact is certain: the future will be increasingly urban.... Continue Reading →

The Fight Against Climate Change Starts in Cities

The master plan for Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station District represents the type of strategic development that can lead to a more resilient future: creating greater density around a major transit hub, while fostering research and collaboration between universities and the private sector. Image © Amtrak by Dan Ringelstein The global challenges we face today — climate change, population... Continue Reading →

The World’s Largest Megacities by 2100

Email Animation: The World’s Largest Megacities by 2100 Throughout the course of human history, the biggest cities have always seemed impossibly large. For many millennia, it was almost unfathomable for a city to sustain more than 1 million residents. In fact, it wasn’t until the 19th century that the largest cities globally, such as London and Beijing,... Continue Reading →

Different Types of Houses

Throughout history, people have fabricated shelters that fit their surroundings. With a universal set of criteria in mind—including access to tools, availability of materials, and type of climate—individuals from all over the world constantly reinterpret, reimagine, and redefine the concept of home. To many of us, a home is a four-walled fixture on a permanent foundation. But to... Continue Reading →

Foreign Ownership in the Medina of Marrakesh

  Karim Elgendy Strategies for Sustainable Cities If you've ever visited the walled Medina of Marrakesh, you are likely to have stayed in one of its hashtag#Riads - traditional courtyard houses - that were converted into small hotels. You may have also wondered why most of the beautiful houses in the imperial capital of hashtag#Almoravids... Continue Reading →

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