Metropolitan Academic Discipline Curriculum

Birth of a Discipline: Metropolitan Academic Discipline Curriculum. With the help of Professor Contin, within the framework of MIT and Milano Politecnico activities, and my deepest gratitude to the inputs of Ernesto D’Alfonso and Lawrence Susskind. Invitation to dialogue to Solly Angel and Grahame Shane. Hope Saskia Sassen will get inspiration and Ed Glasser knowledge.
By the way, this has been the Curriculum developed for the Course for Professors run last week at Guadalajara University promoted and attended by Professors Ramon Reyes, Dolores Del Rio, Temoch Bravo, Rocio Perez, Ricardo Franco, Alexandro Alvirde, Blanca Garcia, Luis Aguila, Elizabeth Padilla, Cecilia Navarro Herrera, Larisa González Chávez, Victoria Navarro Herrera, Rocío Pérez Solano, Martín Ricardo Franco, Blanca García, Eliazar Reyes, José Dorazco Barragán and Francisco Valladares.
Next time it will be posted and you can apply to attend. Guadalajara University is taking a leading role in Latin America.

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