Who Enjoys: Inhabitants or Observers?

Urban art is a means of self expression and can shed light on social problems. Sometimes urban art is an act of rebellion. One of the biggest calligraphic artwork that was done in Cairo is called the ‘perception’ project. A gigantic graffiti was paintef onto 50 buildings to give its complete form from a mountain called al Moqattam. The artist – El Seed – wanted to highlight the misconceptions that most of Cairo’s residents have with regard to the city’s informal settlements. The piece of art quotes the Bishop Saint Athanasius of the 3rd century which said “Anyone who wants to see the sunlight clearly, needs to wipe their eyes”. The project won UNESCO SHARJAH PRIZE for Arab culture in 2015.

#cityexplorations #awarness #changeofperspective #misconceptions #informalsettelments #elseed #urbanart #unesco_prize #cairo #egypt #northafrica

Photo copyright @elseed
Text by Jilan Hosni

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