Urban Cost

An oldie but goodie to reflect on…what kind of housing does your city allow to be built and where? 

We often hear residents or agencies complain they do not have enough “resources” to provide services and each year their revenue per home or person is decreasing and their expenses are increasing.

Here is a comparison of City’ Annual Cost, per Household in the Suburban versus Urban area. 

So if you are building suburban sprawl those home owners should be paying an “annual” tax to provide services! Or you are losing money as an agency for every suburban home constructed to provide said services in perpetuity! 

Some agencies look at “home building” as an “industry economy”. It is one that is bankrupting you either now or in the future if you do not explore and truly understand the true costs of residential land use.

Some agencies, zoning codes and laws make if very difficult to do in-fill or urban development. And that is why you are getting the development on the edge of town rather than the investment in the core or heart of your community. Does this make dollars and cents (sense)?

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