Universal Accessibility

To design of a city with universal accessibility is to assure that disabled people or those that have reduced physic mobility can move full and free of any barriers, without any restrictions, providing their basic rights and promoting their inclusivity. This right is assured by the Brazilian Federal Constitution and various infra Constitutional laws: technical building codes and regulations dictate that every building must encounter accessibility to their common areas and toilets. However, what is noted is the existence of many physical barriers that still prevent reduced physical mobility people to fully enjoy their fundamental right to move freely on the sidewalks, parks, and other spaces of collective use. As a response, the park Olhos d’Água in Brasília recently promoted the installation of urban equipment addressed to this public. A free public gym for people on wheelchairs, with basic instructions on how to exercise and strengthener arm muscles, was inaugurated as one huge step on recognizing and incentivating the participation of this public on the park.

#cityexplorations #inclusivecities #wheelchair #park #publicgym #urbandesign #paqueolhosdagua #brasilia #brazil #southamerica

All rights reserved for Carla Rossitto

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