Srinagar Street Beautification

Srinagar street beautification enters fifth round School children’ art work lends to project’s appeal

Srinagar street beautification enters fifth round School children’ art work lends to project’s appeal


SRINAGAR: The government of Jammu and Kashmir has started a new project in Srinagar city for beautification of roads at various junctions with the purpose of easing the movement of commuters and helping in decongesting traffic.
Work on junction improvement and beautification of public spaces has been started outside the Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) in the city’s Soura area. The project has been started by the government in collaboration with the Directorate of School Education, the Road and Buildings department and the Traffic department.
In this project, the government has painted various spots outside SKIMS hospital to segregate traffic and pedestrian movement, while giving it a pleasing look at the same time.
Students from different Srinagar schools, including higher secondary schools of Soura and Zadibal, have also participated in these projects with more than 200 boys and girls using their artistic skills like painting and sketching.
J&K government Traffic Advisor Anuj Malhotra said, “We have already completed four traffic projects like this in the city; this is our fifth project. “The main aim of these projects is to bring ease to the local public, particularly those visiting the hospital, and to make these public places look beautiful.”
Malhotra said that they have identified 10 other places which would be beautified in the same way. “Our main focuses are the points near schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and religious places where the flow of both the traffic and the people is huge,” Anuj said. “This is basically a new concept of decongesting and segregating the traffic from pedestrians, keeping in view the aesthetics.”
Soura resident Abdul Kareem said, “I have never seen this type of system anywhere in the city. It is an innovative step and will help the general public that visits these places. It has also added to the beauty of the roads.”

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