Solving the Last Mile in Transport


The hard question to answer..!!

After a lengthy hiatus of investment into public transport in Victoria, we are now seeing momentum build in improving network infrastructure.

The Victorian budget for 2018-19 includes $1.96 billion to continue the biggest public transport overhaul in our state’s history. This includes building the Metro Tunnel, purchase of additional train stock, extensions of existing lines, extra car parking spaces at metro stations and improvement to metro bus services, along with other projects.

With our metro population exceeding 5 million and the growing urban sprawl, this investment into our public transport network is critical. Despite these developments our urban planners are still plagued by the challenge of moving people between transport hubs and their final destination – commonly known as the first and last mile problem.

What’s the solution? Autonomous buses, e-scooters or the humble old bike? Or is UberAir the future of urban mobility?

In this event, our panel will be sharing their insights on how we can address the problem of the last mile in transport, including:

  • The latest in last mile transport technologies & solutions currently in development
  • Developing sustainable, smart solutions that don’t impact the amenity of our city
  • Exploring the infrastructure and regulatory changes needed to support the development of these solutions
  • How we can avoid the O-Bike scenario being repeated

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