Souhag Mosque


At one of the Southern provinces of Egypt; a brilliant young architect had come with a wonderful Mosque.. It had been listed for an architecture award

Despite the thoughtful concept, design and execution solutions; both Sponsor and Architect had been caught in a wrong location.. where most of aesthetic and impressions will be inevitably lost by time..

The Muslim city’s spectrum often misses “Respecting and Rationalizing” the harmony between both visual and functional contexts..
Many monuments are squeezed among residential dwellings in tiny alleys.. Many monuments had been seized by ugly building through time.. Public common loses the simple sense of heritage aesthetics and respect.. No serious attempt to educate the neighboring public and users to maintain the simple cleanness of walls, floors and facilities of such marvelous heritage..

There is an all-times epistemic crisis that is too solid to resolve.. No wonder that the urban and civic coherence declines, despite the funds to decorate, facilitate or promote the symbols of urban excellence.. or resilience..

People need to think about Tomorrow, not only Today..!!


ده مسجد جديد في مصر اسمه مسجد باصونة في سوهاج
وليد عرفة مهندس معماري خريج هندسة عين شمس سنة 2001

تم اختيار جامع باصونه ضمن ٢٧ مسجد من أصل ٢٠١ مسجد

ضمن القائمة القصيرة المرشحة لجائزة عبداللطيف الفوزان لعمارة المساجد الدورة الثالثة

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