An Urban Planner


By definition; an Urban Planner is a Guardian; yet a Researcher

S/He protects the approved Master/Urban Planning Parameters to maintain the healthy, balanced and progressive growth of the community

S/He continuously examines the implications of occupancy, mobility and business on the community and recommend the necessary revisions of actions to align transactions to urban standards and parameters

in a sense; this is the difference between Developed and Underdeveloped Communities.. Developing one are often in a confusing situation..!

Underdeveloped-City-Urban-Planners are exhausted by Land-Lobbyists, Corrupt Developers and Self-Centric-Bureaucratic Managers

They have no time to focus on the key core assignments:
Land-use, GFA and Transit

In addition, the System Procedures load the City Managers with

Design Reviews and Interventions in Absence of any Charted Liabilities

Therefore, the road forward is too long…!

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