Drone Photos of Barcelona Highlight the Symmetry of the City’s Architecture

Aerial Photos of Barcelona by Márton Mogyorósy

By Jessica Stewart on February 24, 2019

Hungarian photographer Márton Mogyorósy gives a bird’s-eye view of Barcelona through gorgeous aerial photographs. Eschewing well-worn monuments like the Sagrada Familia and La Rambla in favor of lesser-known gems, Mogyorósy gives an unexpected tour of the city by land and sea.

Focusing in on the unique symmetry of the urban landscape, Mogyorósy picks out elements of geometry in each composition. Whether it be cement cubes tumbling into the sea or the triangles, rectangles, and semi-circles of well-placed housing blocks, the repeating shapes give each photograph its visual harmony.

Several images from the series focus on the Walden 7 apartment building located just outside of Barcelona in Sant Just Desvern. Designed by masterful Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill, who is known for transforming an abandoned cement factory into his home, the curving towers are a vertical labyrinth of interlocking courtyards. In the aerial photos, the architecture looks like nesting dolls, with each piece contributing to the overall aesthetic.

Through his work, Mogyorósy proves how compelling drone photography can be. Soaring high in the sky, this instrument gives a unique perspectives of the world, opening up a new way to look at any environment. With this vision of the Catalonian capital, we’re able to gain a new appreciation for the smaller building blocks of the urban fabric. Each cube and every curve helps give shape and dimension to the architecture that forms the personality of the city. And thanks to Mogyorósy’s work, these small details are given the spotlight they deserve.

 Márton Mogyorósy’s drone photos highlight the unique symmetry and geometry found in Barcelona’s urban environment.

Aerial Photos of Barcelona by Márton Mogyorósy

Barcelona from Above

Aerial Photos of Barcelona by Márton Mogyorósy

Barcelona Cityscape by

Aerial Photos of Barcelona by Márton Mogyorósy

Aerial Photos of Barcelona by Márton Mogyorósy

Aerial Photos of Barcelona by Márton Mogyorósy

Márton Mogyorósy: Behance | Instagram | 500px

My Modern Met granted permission to use photos by Márton Mogyorósy.


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