Venice on its Knees..!

Screenshot 2019-11-18 18.57.05

I remember few years ago, a call for proposal to protect Venice from the floods.. I had suggested 3 parallel sustainable actions:
(1) Widening the existing levees and close the gates to the Adriatic
(2) Mechanically circulate the waters between the lake and the Adriatic
(3) Cruise-ships and fishing boats will dock on new harbors on the wider levees..

The rational was simply to relieve the city from threats from the existing 3 gates; without sophisticated engineering solutions..
Unfortunately; the line managers at that time were not supportive to submit forward.. I think it is not too late, despite the billions of dollars spent on the ongoing scandalous scandalous engineering fantasy.. which shall never be sustainable..

We had learned from the Romans that simple solutions are the perfect logic for any complicity.. Maybe it is the time to remind them of their own marvels..!


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