These three letters become one of the most recognized abbreviations worldwide.
Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai iconic and glamorous destination is about to receive a  transformation into an Urban Promenade, as per RTA Strategic Planning.  This story had started years ago, when decision makers had realized the partition of area by the increasingly busy and wider artery. I expect something greater to happen there.



Apparently, this concept was developed at 2007, as per the orientation made by Dr. Omar Bin Suliman, the then DIFC Governor; which was presented by WSAtkins.. Despite no quite sure, it seems that Machuo Architects Group were the designer for Akins; due to the conceptual similarities. I had the privileges to oversee the designs as the DIFC’s Director of Projects and Assets Management at that time 


Machuo Architects Group 2

This new 2019 concept by Toronto & Dubai based Machou Architects Group has designed the world’s longest urban agriculture park for Dubai. Designed to transform the city’s most vital highway into an eco-valley, the project has been developed in response to the lack of functional public spaces and sustainable outdoor spaces. Reimagining Sheikh Zayed Road, the project centers on Dubai’s main transportation artery and its primary link to other cities.
I don’t know the Sponsor, yet it was the winner of 2019 WGF award



Architects Mouaz Abouzaid and Dima Faraj has designed an urban regeneration project and greenway for Dubai. Dubbed X-Space, the project aims to stitch together the city across Sheikh Zayed Road, the main highway that runs through the United Arab Emirates. Inspired by desert dunes and the movement of sand sweeping across paved roads, the proposal includes one kilometer of new public spaces and green areas to give urban space back to the city and its people.
This is X-Space design which had been selected as the winner of Sharjah 2019 Green Architecture. Also, I don’t the Sponsor..



Dubai’s Roads and Transportation Authority had invited Consultants to compete for the urban development of SZR as a destination and community public open space. The TOR specifies key Parks Configurations; Bazaar, Technology and Urban. Pedestrians and Cycling will dominate the project zone, which goes beyond SZR to all peripheries of total 420 hectares or 45,000,000 ft2. This will be a remarkable development.

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