Circle Garden Communities

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These circle garden communities offer an escape from city life and look amazing from the sky.

There are many urban spaces in the world that are so uniquely planned it leaves people speechless. With the help of satellites and aerial photography, we have the ability to see just how carefully buildings are laid out in the areas. One of such captivating sights is Brøndby Haveby or Brøndby Garden City.

Located just outside Copenhagen, Denmark, this ‘garden city’ is a place of many community gardens that are known for their unique circular arrangement. More info: Instagram  The houses in Brøndby Haveby have large yards that provide a retreat from the noisy and densely populated city and also giving the opportunity to indulge in the hobby of growing plants and crops.

Image credits: henry_do

Image credits: henry_do The idea of ‘garden city’ was approved in 1964 when the municipality of Brøndby agreed to dedicated space for allotments, thus the mesmerizing circles started to pop up in the area.

Image credits: Google Earth The architected of Brøndby Haveby chose this type of arrangements


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