Location Suitability

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Methods of Suitability Analysis:

  1. Gestalt Method – The area to be mapped is compared with similar homogenous area and further analysis is done.
  2. Ordinal Combination Method – Best site is found out based on suitability rating of various layers.
  3. Linear Combination Method – The rated qualities of the ordinal combination method are compared with different weights with the most weight put on the most important value and the least important is assigned least important value, though each rating is put on the same interval scale.

4. Values Suitability Analysis – Human values are taken into account with other weight and given a weight for further process.

5. AHP (Analytical Hierarchy Process) – A method that determines the weight of each component of land, making it favorable or unfavorable for each use. It has the capability to identify best site.

6. Based on Vector Data Analysis – Various vector data analysis are performed to find out the best suitable site.

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