Location: Kazakhstan, Turkestan region, Turkestan.
Type: integrated strategy of the city district
Date: 2018
Program: concept of urban transformation of the central region of Turkestan – Old City.
Land area: Old Town = 342 ha

The urban regeneration of the Old Town area is the main goal of the project. The revival of the Old City takes place around the UNESCO heritage – the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi and the UNESCO buffer zone . Conceptually combined with the strategy of the New City in one concept of the cultural capital of the Turkic world.
The strategy consists of 6 parts: landscape, neighborhoods, attractions and tourism, public spaces, sustainable infrastructure and transport.

Official video presentation.


Urban Sustain Architecture (Kyiv) + Frame Art (Astana)

authors of the idea: Alexander Hwan, Roman Pomazan

architecture and urbanism: Alexandra Kovalenko, Nick Gorokhov, Inna Maksimyuk, Denis Kozak, Alexander Lazurenko, Alexander Sedlerov, Margarita Litvin, Vladlen Nabutovsky, Sayan Kadzhabelov

field research: Alexander Khvan, Roman Pomazan, Sayan Kabzhabelov, Alena Denisenko, Evgeny Vashchenko

algorithmic design: Evgeny Vashchenko

economic geography: Pavel Ostapenko, Alena Denisenko

Cultural Studies: Maria Borisova

Theater Industry: Yana Immortal

Engineering and Energy: Diana Tchaikovsky

bioclimatics and biodiversity: Anna Wozniak, Roman Pomazan

landscape architecture: Daria Bespala

Transport: Victor Zagreba, Andrey Koman, Yuri Lozovenko

layout: Dmitry Ponomarchuk, Dmitry Tkachev

Consulting: Bakytzhan Ashirbaev, Yerbulat Smagulov, Nurgali Imadjanov, Nursultan Ahmedia


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