Limits of Metropolitan Growth

Few countries had managed to build a new capital city or a modern Metropolis; due to parameters of funds, investments and operations.
Cairo Metro has chronic problems due to its demographic, economic, morphology and ecosystem; which would encouraged to surge a dramatic solution. Therefore; the governing bodies had chosen an extension named: The Administrative Capital. Apparently, it is too late to discuss ongoing contracts that exceed 20% of its GDP or $50 bln, and also too early to judge the convenience of selected concept. However, it is an occasion to extract lessons to be learned.
This new Extension of Metropolis will host more 7mln Cap in addition to existing 17mln; with notable population and business growth. Area will increase by 70,000 ha to total of 240,000 ha or roughly 30%. Currently, Cairo hosts more than 60% of Egypt’s GDP (P.B.Ortiz). It is said that the Government plans and works on expanding urban and economic infrastructures everywhere, which will enable evolving new cities and metros as well. Nevertheless, the business and political lobbies do not allow for fair assessment or understanding of the selection’s strategy and properties

The question shall be on the limits of Metropolitan Growth..?

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This is why Paris Metro has slow yet balanced growth, while Guatemala Metro in a rush and inequality.. Accordingly, Cairo Metro is on a path of disastrous influx..
Maybe reducing business permits and enable alternative developed locations will be the early intervention..
Also, despite bureaucratic corruption and deviations, setting an annual construction GFA cap or quota can be a useful remedy..
Nevertheless, the green built is always a fast action; which has wider good and bad implications too..
I always adore the Satellite Cities to the Metros..!!

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