There is probably no other country where new traditional architecture has so successfully entered public debate as Sweden.

Almost daily now one can read an editorial proposing the end of uglification and building of new traditional inspired architecture. Yet while the public wants new traditional architecture and politicians are legislating it, progress is painfully slow.

This is of course due to the lack of classical oriented Swedish architects and strong opposition from current architect establishment. But as mentioned, politicians has started to legislate it so a great opportunity has risen for new architects to the market.

The archi bureau Tradition Arkitekter was formed some years ago and is now participating in the competition for a new classical quarter in 1970s modernist suburb of Upplands Väsby north of Stockholm. 

As the municipality has rightly been suspicious if mainstream (modernist) architects understand what classical architecture is, they have been very specific in what they expect in terms of style. This has been a bit of a creative straitjacket but at the moment there is no choice. 

Here is Tradition Arkitekter’s entry to the competition “quarter 3” close to what is to become a new town center for the modernist suburb.Project completion: Competition entry – selected will be presented to the public this spring.
Architect firm: Tradition Arkitekter
Facebook: (— 
in Upplands Väsby urban area.

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