Venice on its Knees..!

I remember few years ago, a call for proposal to protect Venice from the floods.. I had suggested 3 parallel … More

Al Hayer Project

Each villa cost AED 2.3 mln, including the infrastructure This calculates about AED 450 per square foot of built up … More

Poor Sudan

  This is not a political talk, but an integrated development autopsy Poverty is not resources, but a conclusion of … More

We Need a New Economic Model

The overall epistemic framework has to dramatically and openly change, unless no one cares for the sustainability and survival of … More

Alex 2050

This new projection report is devastating and demotivating lots of urban efforts, with the current universal trend of Waterfront Developments.. … More

Maturity of Risk Mgmt

    Alex Sidorenko from RISK-ACADEMY talks about measuring risk management maturity in non-financial companies. At RISK-ACADEMY we have compiled … More

فخ الكفاءات Trap of Competencies

منذ تعيين الحمدوك والسودان قد ابتلع طعم فخ الكفاءات تكنوقراط بلا رؤية وتكرار تجارب فاشلة مشكلتنا إدارة وليس اقتصاد استخدم … More