Asphalt City

Asphalt City: How Parking Ate an American Metropolis Editor’s Note: This article is part of a long-term series exploring the … More

KIGALI Master plan 2050

Urban labKIGALI Master plan 2050 Known as ‘Kigali Yacu!’, translated as ‘Our Kigali!’, the new Kigali Master Plan 2050 introduces … More

A Floating Bridge

Floating bridge that dates back to Song Dynasty.The wooden bridge, running 400 meters across the Gongjiang River in Ganzhou, east … More

Saving West-End London

Copyright © 2020 Centre for London, All rights reserved.You are receiving this email because you have signed up to receive … More

Creativity.. or Chaos..

Desafiando a física, a Matemática, a Gravidade, a Engenharia, o Espaço, o Tempo, a Nasa, Einstein e o Espírito Santo!

This is extremely bad..!

Somewhere in Dubai Separating urban fabrics Somewhere in Cairo where is no engineering or professional sense..!