In Switzerland, Everyone’s an Urban Planner

Workshop participants gather outside Lausanne's Palais de Rumine. Urbz FEARGUS O'SULLIVAN APR 30, 2019 To reimagine its largest public space, the Swiss city of Lausanne organized a citywide consultation and workshop that asked: Just who is the public?   How could anyone mess up a space this impressive? Lausanne’s Place de la Riponne, a grand square... Continue Reading →

A Brief History of Setbacks

by Andrew Price Previously, I’ve talked about how setbacks encourage land consolidation. Today I want to take a moment to look into the history of where setbacks came from. Before technology allowed the working person to affordably and comfortably travel long distances every day, commuting took place on foot, and the rich and poor were forced to... Continue Reading →

OMA and Laboratorio Permanente to transform two Milanese railway yards into “ecological filters”

Lizzie Crook OMA and Laboratorio Permanente's Agenti Climatici masterplan will turn two abandoned goods yards in Milan into public parks to filter the city's air and water pollution. The Agenti Climatic masterplan will see the transformation of the Scalo Farini and Scalo San Cristoforo railway yards on the outskirts of the Italian city. OMAand Laboratorio Permanente plan to turn the former train depots, to... Continue Reading →

Drone Photos of Barcelona Highlight the Symmetry of the City’s Architecture

By Jessica Stewart on February 24, 2019 Hungarian photographer Márton Mogyorósy gives a bird’s-eye view of Barcelona through gorgeous aerial photographs. Eschewing well-worn monuments like the Sagrada Familia and La Rambla in favor of lesser-known gems, Mogyorósy gives an unexpected tour of the city by land and sea. Focusing in on the unique symmetry of the urban landscape, Mogyorósy picks out... Continue Reading →

Walkable Miami

This is suburban Miami Florida, how would you run public transport and make it more walkable in this area? However, the county has completely ignored its role in directing density and quality of neighborhoods county-wide, allowing dense housing developments as far west as 167th Ave. Large impact fees incentivize the county to continue to allow... Continue Reading →

The Bare Basics of Affordability

  The Bronx's Boxcar Village 1934. Each boxcar slept 4 men who paid $3.00 a month to Sarah J Atwood. She had been running such encampments for 30 years along with her daughter Mavis. The site today is John F. Kennedy High School, Marble Hill, the Bronx. Photo Jim Griffin, information Dana Schulz.

On Lagos satellite cities’ initiative

Recently, a 1000-hectare modern satellite city in the Epe-Ibeju Lekki axis was launched by the Lagos State government. The idea of the new city, named Alaro Satellite City, was conceived to alleviate the city centres from the pressure of enormous growth. Specifically, Alaro City is situated on the Lekki-Epe Expressway for ease of transportation to... Continue Reading →

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