Who Enjoys: Inhabitants or Observers?

Urban art is a means of self expression and can shed light on social problems. Sometimes urban art is an act of rebellion. One of the biggest calligraphic artwork that was done in Cairo is called the 'perception' project. A gigantic graffiti was paintef onto 50 buildings to give its complete form from a mountain... Continue Reading →


Seven states (plus Washington, D.C.) in the Northeast US have committed to development of a regional policy to reduce carbon pollution from the transportation sector. This is critical, as transportation is responsible for 44% of CO2 emissions in this region. Do I know anyone who will be involved in this effort? We need to make... Continue Reading →

10 Principles of Intelligent Urbanism in City Planning and Urban Design

by leneurbanity Principle 1: Balance with Nature Urbanization that is in balance with nature emphasizes urban ecological balance, emphasizing the distinction between utilizing resources and exploiting them. After a point of no return, anthropogenic utilization of natural resources will outpace the natural ability of the ecosystem to replenish itself. This principle promotes environmental assessments to... Continue Reading →

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