Srinagar Street Beautification

Srinagar street beautification enters fifth round School children’ art work lends to project’s appeal By Reader Correspondent on June 1, 2018 ARIF RASHID SRINAGAR: The government of Jammu and Kashmir has started a new project in Srinagar city for beautification of roads at various junctions with the purpose of easing the movement of commuters and helping in decongesting... Continue Reading →

Highway 401

الطريق السريع ذو الرقم 401 المار بمدينة تورنتو الكندية من اوسع الطرق في العالم اذ يتكون من 18 مسار Highway 401 at Toronto, Canada, is the widest with 18 lanes

Reem Island by Arup

Reem Downtown as seen from the direction of the Khalifa Bridge in Abu Dhabi A human-centred, sustainable approach to planning and design The largely undeveloped site provided the team with an opportunity to design an exemplar masterplan to deliver an inclusive and liveable environment in this part of Abu Dhabi and beyond. Our human-centred approach... Continue Reading →

The Dolabra

The tool that built the Roman Empire — The Dolabra The gladius gets the most fame and glory for being the implement of empire building when it comes to ancient Roman history. However, credit for literally building the Roman Empire is more deserved for a handy multi purpose tool called the dolabra. With a pick... Continue Reading →

Benin City

Benin City, the mighty medieval capital now lost without trace With its mathematical layout and earthworks longer than the Great Wall of China, Benin City was one of the best planned cities in the world when London was a place of ‘thievery and murder’. So why is nothing left? Ancient Benin city. Benin City was... Continue Reading →

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