Fighting floods with Sponge Cities

Originally published as an Op-Ed in The Bangkok Post. In an era of rampant land development and increasing climate unpredictability, the world is growing used to alarming images of flooded city streets. Urban floods cost billions of dollars per year. Even the mildest can bring traffic to a standstill and cause economic hardship for merchants and... Continue Reading →

Solving the Last Mile in Transport

The hard question to answer..!! After a lengthy hiatus of investment into public transport in Victoria, we are now seeing momentum build in improving network infrastructure. The Victorian budget for 2018-19 includes $1.96 billion to continue the biggest public transport overhaul in our state’s history. This includes building the Metro Tunnel, purchase of additional train... Continue Reading →

Souhag Mosque

At one of the Southern provinces of Egypt; a brilliant young architect had come with a wonderful Mosque.. It had been listed for an architecture award Despite the thoughtful concept, design and execution solutions; both Sponsor and Architect had been caught in a wrong location.. where most of aesthetic and impressions will be inevitably lost... Continue Reading →

A Failed RE Development..!

The Burj Al Babas in Turkey was designed as a luxury community for foreign buyers. As Turkey experiences an economic downturn, the project's developers have filed for bankruptcy protection, and buyers have backed out of their purchases. The nation's castle-like homes now sit empty in the northwestern region. From far away, the Burj Al Babas... Continue Reading →

Biased Urban Planning…!

If we build a new Green & Car-free city; why we use same pattern and morphology of Carbon & Car-based cities..?? Why we spend a lot on reclaiming from the sea; with standing & inevitable threats of raising sea water levels.. Should we utilize upper inner valleys for more sustainable planning of the future..? Why... Continue Reading →

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