Disaster in Formation

Population boom without quality governaves or national development agenda is just a recipe for a global disaster to come in 100 years.. Regretfully, only few of African governing systems are reliable for change and credible for sustainability.. Spreading corruption, laziness and insightfullness are essence of growing poverty, violence and wastage.. There are no serious professional... Continue Reading →

African cities will double in population by 2050

Africans are moving to the city. Already home to the world’s youngest and fastest-growing population, the continent is urbanizing more rapidly than any other part of the planet. Africa’s 1.1 billion citizens will likely double in number by 2050, and more than 80% of that increase will occur in cities, especially slums. The implications of this turbo-charged... Continue Reading →

Uganda to build a satellite city in Wakiso

The Ugandan government has earmarked Nakigalala area along the Kampala-Entebbe Expressway for the establishment of a satellite city with an aim of decongesting the capital, Kampala. According to the State Minister for Urban Development, Mr. Isaac Musumba, Nakigalala will be the first ultra-modern city in Uganda with three more to follow. “In this Satellite city... Continue Reading →

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