What slums can teach us about building the cities of the future

Informal housing, be it in the barrio, tugurio, favela, bidonville, gecekondu or kampung, supports the majority of rapidly urbanizing populations in cities of the global South. Yet, many city planners and housing policymakers still regard such urban vernaculars primarily as evidence of backwardness, social malaise, economic involution and planning failure. When lumped together as “slums”,... Continue Reading →

Saudi Arabia has launched four projects worth $23 billion in Riyadh

Construction will begin this year on King Salman Park, Sports Boulevard, Green Riyadh and Riyadh Art. Saudi previously announced plans to build 20 entertainment centres, including one 100,000 square-metre entertainment complex in Riyadh earlier this year. The kingdom also recently revealed plans for a second mega entertainment hub in Riyadh. The new projects will create sustainable communities,... Continue Reading →

4 reasons why Facility Management is dead

Frans van Eersel Published on March 28, 2019 Earlier this year, when I decided to make the jump and leave Google - I found myself looking for jobs in “Workplace” and rarely in “Facilities”. In my job hunt process I soon found out that roles and companies that still used the term Facility embraced a very traditional view... Continue Reading →

Metropolitan Discipline: Madrid

  Madrid in the 90’s had a double characteristic that allowed it to establish the right approach and to build the prototype of the discipline. Madrid was growing fast for a developed economy (50% every 20 years) and was wealthy enough to be able to afford the infrastructures required (9.000 Euros of annual local public... Continue Reading →

Building Better Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Systems

Decarbonation, Walkability and ROW can't welcome cars any more, nor LRTs..! Adding cost/benefit models, balanced urbanity and unpredictable future, make both Tram and BRT more convenient and sustainable solutions. AA   Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) has become a popular way to solve congestion and transport infrastructure problems in emerging cities. These cities generally have constrained... Continue Reading →

An Urban Planner

By definition; an Urban Planner is a Guardian; yet a Researcher S/He protects the approved Master/Urban Planning Parameters to maintain the healthy, balanced and progressive growth of the community S/He continuously examines the implications of occupancy, mobility and business on the community and recommend the necessary revisions of actions to align transactions to urban standards and... Continue Reading →

Lessons Learned

November 9, 2016  by Johnny Sanphillippo Last year I bought a $15,000 uninhabitable house in Cincinnati, Ohio. The copper had been stripped out and no one had lived there for years. This was on a street where a third of the homes were in similar condition. When I told people here in California there were a... Continue Reading →

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