Tactical Decision Making

The process of observing, orienting, deciding and acting — known as the OODA Loop — creates links between an awareness of one's surroundings in a dangerous situation and the actions necessary to escape it. Following its four steps helps speed up decision-making to stay a step ahead of an opponent. And by not engaging in... Continue Reading →


Roughly 25% of all traffic fatalities in the United States are associated with intersections. Roundabouts are one solution for building safer intersections. When compared to stop-controlled and signalized intersections, roundabouts reduce crashes where people are seriously hurt or killed by 78-82%. This is achieved by reducing the number of conflict points and lowering the speeds... Continue Reading →


  Pedestrian pavement in Erice Middle Age village,province of Trapani, Sicily. Ancient Roman road technique called  "Basolato",built with large stones of basalt (volcanic rock).

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