Egypt’s 6th-October City

During my school time; I had experienced many of the new urban developments in Egypt; which all share the same characteristics that later, or continuously lead to chaotic disasters.. My opinion may contradicts some ongoing phenomenon, not only in Egypt, but across most of the underdeveloped countries, including new emerging economies.. 1- A Governance-Challenge.. The political pressure... Continue Reading →

$230 billion gap in infrastructure financing: What Egypt could do to fill the void in the next 20 years

BY FATMA KHALED February 17, 2019   During a roundtable meeting at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos late January, Minister of Investment and International Cooperation Sahar Nasr said that Egypt has leaped greatly in infrastructure projects and legislative reforms. However, a recent World Bank report claims the opposite, stating that the country is expected... Continue Reading →

When Planning Fails

Urban Planning is increasingly stripped naked worldwide; with professional are short to comprehend the true basis of planning process.. There is no blame for such pitfall for a 1970th planning for the unfortunate village (below).. Yet, the example is widely repeated when analysis and design of natural resilience is practically ignored, apart from massive reports... Continue Reading →

The Urbanization Solution

By Lu Mai China faces a range of pressing challenges, from inequality to pollution. Managing the growth of its cities is one way to meet those challenges. Ever since China started pursuing a policy of reform and opening-up of markets three decades ago, it has experienced rapid economic takeoff and has made its entry into the... Continue Reading →

Pedestrian Cities / Quality of Life

Pedestrian cities are growing in popularity in many top regions around the world. The incredible beauty, enjoyment, and convenience a network of connected pedestrian streets and squares provides to the residents on a daily basis is unsurpassed. Being able to walk to a mix of shops, restaurants, newsstands, coffeehouses and open-air markets within car-free neighborhoods... Continue Reading →


St. Sauveur — In 2013, Gehl together with an extensive local team of technical experts, won the international competition to lead the development and transformation of a former goods station in central Lille. The 57-acre site is to become a new neighborhood of 5,000 inhabitants, and a city district with work places, shops, education, and... Continue Reading →

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