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Flat Roofing
Creating, Developing and improving the roofing concepts were direct and immediate interpretation of technology and know-how..
Roofing had let to the discovery of basic structural theories and applications; not only understanding static and dynamic stresses, but also materials and adhesions..
Flat roofs had enabled vertical expansion of buildings, which led to more capacities, uses and values as well..

Protecting lives and assets were fundamental in Mankind legacy.. The epistemic mix between lives and assets had created the social definitions and systems; while their parameters had created the economic variables..
Alignment between social and economic definitions had created the early urban communities; which had interpreted not only the wealth, but the creative ways to protect it..
Therefore, Nomads till date had simple funeral ceremonies, as well as devalue the assets to the necessities only






Public Space; or the means for the public to enjoy their urban affiliations; is one of the distinct characteristics of urbanism.
City Managers worldwide agree on the necessity of convenient public spaces to allow citizens to discharge stresses and recharge enthusiasm to produce and enjoy.
The Quest of Happy Citizen has lots of implications on Productivity, Participation and Polarization.
Investments in uplifting life style is never waste of resources; but extension of assets.